Become A Seller

Email us at with information and images of your brands hottest pieces and we will get back to you within 24hrs.
At the moment we are only taking on womenswear brands (but that could all change pretty soon x)
No membership fees.
No product listing fees.
No transaction fee on shipping costs.
Each product sale will be subject to a 20% transaction fee. 
Shipping & Returns
 It is the sellers responsibility to send items to the customer, once an order is received you will be sent an email with delivery address and product quantity.
Lead delivery times - It is the sellers responsibility to ensure your seller profile or product description has the specified lead to order delivery time ensure we have a happy customers.
All shipping rates for global selling will be available to adjust within your seller profile. E.g. if you are selling to the UK and based in AUS you can set a rate for international delivery.
Returns have a 14 day window, once the customer has requested a return we will notify you via email or call. 
Seller and product - Approval
Once your products are added the BX team will review the content to ensure its on brand. This process can take up to 24hours. Once this has been approved your products will be live as soon as they are approved. You will instantly receive an email with approval that your product is live.
Sellers are paid 14 days after a customer to has placed an order - this is to allow for customer returns.
All customers are required to have paypal account.